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Mission Statement

“Life Springs Church exists to help people ‘win in life’ through a vibrant relationship with Jesus!”

Vision Statement

“We seek to accomplish our vision by REACHING UP (Worship), REACHING OUT (Evangelism), and REACHING IN (Discipleship).”

Reaching up

Reaching Out


Reaching In

Weekend Services

We believe weekend services ought to be vibrant, life-giving, and fun! It is a time of celebration of who God is andwhat He has done for us. As we collectively worship the Lord and demonstrate God’s love and kindness to others, it is a perfect atmosphere for people to turn to Christ. When Jesus is lifted up, people are drawn to Him. It has been documented that approximately 90% of those who come to Christ in America make that commitment in a church setting.

Our goal is to provide a dynamic, life-giving atmosphere that reaches the entire family (including singles) in such a way that there is no denying God’s presence is in our midst. We expect to see the lost saved, people healed, and lives restored by the power of God’s Word and the ministry of God’s Spirit.

We ask people to pray and participate by attending, giving, and serving.


We seek to follow Jesus’ example by touching the lives of others through unselfish acts of kindness. We endeavor to minister to the sick, feed the hungry, cloth the naked, bring comfort to the hurting, uphold the weak, offer freedom to the bound, visit the incarcerated and shut-ins and, by all means, win the lost. We desire to influence our community by demonstrating God’s love thereby drawing people to Jesus.

We desire to see people demonstrate generosity by giving of their time, talent and treasure. We desire to train people to be leaders and servants of Christ in their everyday lives. As people are released into their calling and purpose, they will discover their redemptive purpose. We seek to affirm the greatness that lies within every person.

We ask people to serve those who are lost, hurting and in need.

Classes and Groups

We believe that growing old is automatic, but growing up is not. It is a result of developing spiritual disciplines such as Bible study, prayer, developing healthy relationships, church involvement, generosity, and being led by the Holy Spirit.

We desire to see people grow spiritually by developing Christ-like character. Through discipleship and the ministry of the Holy Spirit, we desire to see lives restored from brokenness to wholeness; from stagnancy to vitality. We seek to accomplish this through personal discipline, classes, groups, and mentoring relationships. Our purpose is to encourage believers to take the next step into a deeper relationship with Christ, learning how to trust God wholeheartedly and receive every promise Jesus has provided.

We ask people to grow by learning and building healthy relationships.